Book 3 - Our Friends and their Habitats
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A Pot Pourri of Animal Poems By Jan Hedger
Illustrations by Marilyn Dougan

Animal poetry makes great family poetry - something I am passionate about! The poetry in this book is both imaginative and factual - a fun way for children to learn and for adults to enjoy!

Some poems relate directly to endangered species and the threats they face - here the poems are more honest, as is the hardship of our 'man's best friend' highlighted in three of the poems - opening with a poem 'For Merlin'.

This book was produced as an A4 handout style book, for my sister Pauline to have on the Greyhounds in Need stalls at summer fairs.

Having previously self-published two other poetry books (with publishing companies) I decided this time to re-do the book as a proper homespun production, and in support of chosen animal/conservation charities.

In support, respect & admiration for the dedicated work they do, each of the three charities Greyhounds in Need (GIN) Sumatran Orang-Utan Society (SOS) & Sussex Wildlife Trust (SWT) have been gifted, with an agreed number of 'free copies' of this book, to distribute as they wish.

This book is dedicated to all our living creatures and to all conservationists and charity workers who strive to protect them and their habitat, so our children and generations to come, can know the joy and wonder each living thing can bring.

I hope you enjoy the animals in this book and their picture representatives!

The book is in A4 format and consists of 44 pages plus clear covers in a spine binder, and contains many charming little colour illustrations to support the text. It is avalable for GBP 5.00.

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Book 2 - On Calico Wings
Book 2
The emphasis in this collection, a journey through poetry, is the myriad of emotion that life brings; past and present; from love and loss, to emotion in war, in dreams and hope.

The sea, always an inspiration to me, features in many of the poems, reflecting in its moods - our emotions.


Jan Hedger is a truly talented artist who has an amazing gift to use words for painting vivid pictures on the heart. Works of art that will inspire, challenge and provoke not only contemplation but the full spectrum of human emotions.

'On Calico Wings' is a gentle undulating journey through Jan's poetry; from the charming innocence of 'Seashell' through the deep sadness of 'Innocent Grief' and on to the haunting 'Absolution', with her descriptive prose, mixture of styles and clever, often subtle, word play she invokes tears of grief and joy before the journey's end yet leaves the reader hungry for more.

B J Lewis

Book 1 - Words in Imagination


This book is dedicated to Amanda Rapley-Redfern 1985 - 2007 for her inspiration, belief and friendship.

With heartfelt thanks to my wonderful Nigel for designing the book cover and for his unwavering support and love.