A Time to Love
A time to love; when bluebells bow their heads in prayer in the solemnity of the woodland and crumpled
tissues of the flowering azalea sits softly on the tree
and the cuckoo echoes the swallows return
For is not spring a time to love?

A time to love; when poppies grace the amber crop as red sentinels of quietude and the English Tea rose
unfurls her layered skirt
and butterflies dance to the skylark's song
For is not summer a time to love?

A time to love; when blackberries sit plump amongst their crown of thorns and rosy apples hang sweetly
within the swelling trees - when sycamore seeds twirl to the leaf littered floor
and squirrels scurry to the geese formation
For is not autumn a time to love?

A time to love; when mistletoe is blessed with pearls of dew-drops for Christmas kisses and berries cluster the holly bushes of deepest green
and the redwings flock to the starlings display
For is not winter a time to love?

A Time To Love is now a beautiful and lyrical song - with music by Jill Hoffmann; and is on her current Double CD - Songs in the Night - sung with the young innocent voice of Ellen Burnett, who also plays the recorder on the track - with Jill on guitar and backing vocals by Timo Scharnowski. Please email me on the link provided for more details.