For Merlin
Kind hands, stroking me with a gentleness of comfort
That I willingly respond too
Not like, with the rough hands that held me.
Kind arms, wrapped around my neck embracing me
That I can feel safe in
Not like, with the arms that tightened the rope.
Kind feet, stretching out inviting me to rest my head
That I can sleep relaxed with no fear
Not like, with the feet that kicked out.
Kind voice, speaking liltingly calming my every nerve
That I am at peace in my new world
Not like, with the gruff voice that chastised me.
Kind heart, loving with compassion and understanding
That my heart can openly return
Not like, with the hardened heart of the hunter.
Kind soul, seeing in me a need they saw in themselves
That we can heal together
Not like, facing the battle alone.

This tribute poem opens 'Our Friends and Their Habitat's - Near and Far' - see book link for more details.