Jonathon Dandy
Jonathon Dandy had long white hair
A long white beard and eyebrows fair
He walked quite quick with a lickety lick
A pack on his back and a walking stick.

He'd set off at dawn to follow his dream
Over mountain and meadow, river and stream
With a song in his heart and one thought in his mind
It was gold, gold, gold he wanted to find.

He slept in a ditch when it was night
Then set off once more when it was light
Ate mushrooms for breakfast and drank cold tea
That's better he said, that's better said he.

Then high into the hills he went
With his head held high, his legs all bent
And there in a babbling brook he spied
Its gold, its gold! Yippee! He cried.

So Jonathon Dandy he grew rich
And slept in a bed instead of a ditch
Drank fizzy pop and ate fresh fruit
Drove a new car and wore a new suit.