Ravaged by Love
I am in Eden - and the steamy silence is broken,
by the freeing from my mind of tropical birds;
beautiful iridescent birds - that were caught,
in my imagination - are now at liberty,
amongst the palms and I relish them
They call out their joy - their singing,
awakes my senses - and I dance
My cool muslin dress floats about my ankles
and I am weightless
I whirl around, and around -
lost in my world - I hadn't noticed,
the re-emergence of silence
my hands fly up to protect my head,
from hundreds of birds -
falling dead - around me - and,
I am running through a carpet of feathers
no longer soft - but sharp and cutting my feet
the intricate weave of my fabric - is now,
blood red - it is spoilt - I rip it from my body
exposing my naked flesh -
it is the last humiliation
I jump and the glass shatters around me,
forming an ocean at my feet -
the moonlight dances on my bareness -
I step into its reflection - and am,
Swallowed - by its warm salinity