The Fabric of my Being
Iridescent green encases my inner jewel
of life beginning - unsheathed
purple plumule and gold leaf - exposed
viable for germination.

Strands of molecule threads branching out
analysing atmosphere - unemotionally
fabric of forest floor - explored
for viability of womb.

Revere my embryonic complex
maze of concentric circles - uniquely
identical in equation - extremity
of viable endosperm.

Fish-shape on felted moss
diving streamlined - uniformly
placed by zephyr wind - exacting
viability of dispersal

Inner soul of spectrum greens in
allotment planting - undercover
camouflage stitches - exercised
by viable evolution.

Single cell at the core of my being
sprouting like fennel - unshaven
pre-primary root - exploring
viability of earth.

I am development potential of
Latin classification - unaffected
by social change - exemplary
a viable seed.