Waves Of Emotion
The sea appears ghostlike
From under the blanket of mist
Its waves gently rising
Gently falling, until . . .
It stealthily reaches the shore
Encroaching; Encompassing;
Possessing all within its grasp
Until . . . At the turn of the tide
It leaves as ghostly and
As gently as it came.

The sea rages forth
Beneath the stormy clouds
Its waves violently crashing
Violently pounding, until . . .
It throws itself on to the shore
Forcefully; Fiercely;
Powerful in its intent
Until . . . At the turn of the tide
Against its will, it retreats
Its mighty force spent.

The sea mirrors the blue sky
In the reflection of the baking sun
With hardly a wave at all
It lazily, seductively laps
At the foot of the golden shore
Luxuriantly; Lusciously;
Romantic in its embrace
Until . . . At the turn of the tide
It yields to its master's call
And the spell is broken.